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The Memorial Pledges to Renounce War
 For All Generation
The Pacific War National Air-Raid Victim Consoling Association honors the victims of aerial bombardment in all of Japan during the Pacific War.The memrial was built to console the departed souls,and to pray for eternal peace around the world.
Today,107 municipalities that suffered damage in the aerial bombardment are affiliates.

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 Reference materials
        (Published in October, 1962)
Prayer for peace        (Published in October, 1995)
Pacific War National Air-Raid Victim Consoling Association

475 Nishinobusue, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan
(Himeji peace museum)

(as for the TEL, the FAX, peaceful Himeji-shi
 Shared with a museum)
1. Maintain the Memorial Tower
Maintain the Pacific War Air Raid Victims National Memorial
2. Conduct the Peace Memorial Ceremony for consoling the air-raid victims
The Peace Memorial Ceremony is held to honor the over 500,000 victims of the aerial bombings during the Pacific War, as well as to pray for eternal peace.
3. Public relations activities for the Memorial Tower
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