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About the Memorial Tower

Pacific War Air Raid Victims National Memorial(the Memorial Tower)

Overview of the Memorial Tower

It was erected on October 26, 1956 (Showa 31) that "Pacific war whole country war damage city air strike death person memorial" (the following, memorial) held a service for a person of more than 509,700 death except the officer civilian employee in the victims by air strike and others in the Pacific War and cheered up the soul, and to pray for peace in world permanency.
 This memorial is comprised of the tower body, a front chamber and an apron, a perimeter column, and the Mayor of number of the people of death, affliction population and each generation revival charge name is ticked away for each one to a perimeter column on a Japanese map to an apron the position of 113 war damage cities (1 capital, 99 cities, 13) on the being bombed date of the war damage city.
 I hold "a memorial peaceful prayer type" to mourn for air strike victims of the whole country on October 26 that is the completion day and, since memorial erection, have a lot of various places attend it from the whole country including Cabinet Office every year.
 In addition, I refreshed it in 2006 (Heisei 18) when I invited the erection 50th anniversary and constructed it as a dirt came to be considerably outstanding by deterioration by the aging.

The structure steel reinforced concrete outside of the memorial puts granite stone
The constitution tower body, the front chamber of the memorial and apron, perimeter column
         26.75m in height
         Front chamber about 196㎡
         Apron about 280㎡
                A Japanese map is carved with and I fill a round stone at the position of 113 war damage cities and indicate it.
         The damaged record and revival charge mayor name of the perimeter column 113 city are carved.
         138 number (former: 114 rear: 24)
         Express, "the war does not make the form sword of the tower in the form that was able to stick out of the underground anymore"
Completion date October 26, 1956

Origin of the Construction of the Memorial Tower

May 17, 1952           : In the 10th general meeting of the National League of War-Damaged Cities, it
                                 was decided that the memorial would be built in Himeji, where the League first
                                 Decision is made to build the Memorial Tower in Tegarayama, Himeji.
July 23, 1952           : As a result of a nation-wide competition, the work of Ryutaro Takaya of Tokyo
                                 is chosen as the official design of the memorial.
May 8, 1953            : Construction begins. Construction cost: 80 million yen (donations collected
                                 from all over Japan)
October 26, 1956     : Construction is completed.
June to August 2006: Memorial undergoes restoration work.

Memorial Tower Restoration Work

Cost                                   : About 20 million yen
Overview of restoration work: The adhesive mortar that was leaking from the stone joints of the
                                            tower, the front chamber and apron, and the pillars was scraped off,
                                            and the broken sections were repaired. In addition, a chemical
                                            cleansing was carried out on the entire monument to remove dirt, and
                                            a waterproof finish was applied on the ceiling of the front chamber.
                                            Repairs were done around the main pedestal, the tiles of the pathways
                                            were cleaned, and the graveled parts were paved with colored

Victims and Affected Population Across Japan During Air-Raids

Photo of the side pillars
The side pillars show records of the damage caused in the 113 cities around Japan, including the dates of the bombing, the number of victims, the affected population, and the names of the successive mayors who were in charge of reconstruction.
  • Victims                 : 509,734
  • Affected population: 9,551,006

Votive lanterns

May 18, 1957: The decision was made in a board meeting to build lanterns along the path approaching the Memorial Tower.
The construction was handled by a company located in a town neighboring Himeji. They requested the factory for lanterns (6 large lanterns and 93 small lanterns).
The Pacific war whole country air strike
         Victim Association of memorial service
475, Nishinobusue, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
   (Himeji-shi peace museum)

1.The Pacific war whole country war damage city air strike death person
 Maintenance of the memorial
2.The Pacific war whole country war damage city air strike death person
 Public information enlightenment business of the memorial
3.The Pacific war whole country air strike victim memorial peace
 Prayer-style enforcement
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